About The Artist

Nicki Steel PhotographyNicki Steel: Photography has been part of my life since I was a child, although I didn’t start my photography business until the late 1990s.

I enjoy sharing my love of the rural landscape and way of life. Whether it’s “the big picture” of New England scenery, a leaf detail or a farm animal, I consider myself lucky that others enjoy how I see the world. One of my favorite compliments was someone who said, “I look at things now that I didn’t pay attention to before.”

I love grabbing my camera and exploring nearby woods and fields or driving the back roads of Vermont. Sometimes I’ve been there before and want to revisit it in a different season or time of day. Other times, there’s new territory to explore and every turn brings a photographic opportunity.  My “Hearts in Nature” is another way of exploring the outdoors and it continues to grow. In the last few years I have spent many hours observing and photographing local resident loons and eagles.

While a few photos are taken further away, most of my work is done within 15 miles of my Vermont home. The website is just a partial collection of my photos, so if there is something that you are searching for, feel free to contact me or follow me on Facebook for my most recent work.  I may already have the perfect shot.

Nicki Steel Events:

At this point, I have no scheduled shows, craft fairs or slide show talks. As the year progresses, I am hoping to add some. Please feel free to contact me or follow me on Facebook for updated information.

Nicki Steel Vermont Photography
Photo of the artist by Jane MacKugler

Nicki Steel – Vermont Photography